"Belldon Colme's understanding of metabolic processes is unrivaled. Belldon's message is where you want to start to truly understand how wellness, weight loss and core health work."
Rafael C. Esquenazi MD, FACP, FASN, and client
Dr Rafael Esquinazi
"Based on solid nutrition and solid science. Elevated fitness, weight loss, and increased energy are almost automatic. I have seen not only weight loss but improved health overall both for myself and many of my patients."
Dr. Larry Cohen, client
Dr Larry Cohen

Tony Perkins from Santa Cruz, CA- Testimonial

I was introduced to Belldon Colme through my daughter Nicole. Nicole started Belldon's mentoring before me along with several of her coworkers. She was always talking about the food we were still preparing and how we need to switch away from the processed foods. I let it go in one ear and out the other faster that it came in. She didn’t preach but was adamant about what she was putting into her body. I was just telling myself the stuff in our food can’t be all that bad or it wouldn’t be allowed in there (wow I am eating my words now).

My first thought was; I don’t want to talk to this cat on the daily, that’s just not me. So it began. I quickly found myself excited about the daily talks with Belldon because the weight was flying off. Once afraid of the scale, it became my new friend. It may seem a little strange but I found myself hopping on the scale in the middle of the night. I had a new spark in life. I never once felt pressured or brow-beaten by this program or by Belldon when I veered off; it was always “we will learn from this” and together figured out how not to make those mistakes too many more times. Belldon was always there for me regardless of the ups and downs, always keeping things positive.

The biggest factor with Belldon's program is this; along your way all of the sudden it is no longer a DIET, the bad four letter word, it becomes instead a NEW LIFESTYLE. I think this is the biggest key to the success of this program.

When I hit my first milestone of 100 lbs gone, I found it funny that people who have known me my whole life did not recognize me. At an annual family BBQ where I always help cook, people were wondering who the ‘new guy’ was. What a great feeling! Now at my goal of 195 lbs it’s the norm for me to have to reintroduce my ‘new self’ to most old friends, and even some family! Most ask if I had surgery or remark that I must be working out non-stop. I just laugh. I know many don’t believe I did this without surgery and crazy extreme exercise. Most don’t realize weight loss like mine can happen with just REAL food in the proper balance and a GREAT mentor. It doesn’t seem possible but I am living proof.

If I can do this anybody can. I have lost 230 lbs with this new lifestyle in a very short 15 months. It doesn’t seem possible sometimes, even to me, but here I stand. I would invite anybody to check out Belldon and his program, I promise you will not be disappointed with the great mentoring support and the ease of shedding those old BIG clothes. I gratefully replaced my old size 54 pants, off my body and out of my closet, for my new size 32!

I have had the pleasure of speaking at the last 2 workshops Belldon has given locally and both times it has brought me to tears, when I am discussing with the group about my experience. Those that know me know that tears are just not my style, but it is so moving and emotionally positive for me, it’s ok. I thank my daughter Nicole for finding Belldon, and Belldon for being there through all the ups and downs and his continued support. It was a very special month for my daughter Nicole and me as we hit our goal TOGETHER!

Anne Seacrist from Monte Sereno, CA- Testimonial

I have struggled with my weight since my first pregnancy in 1978. I was suffering with Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. I was taking about 20 medications and wearing a size 22. I had been seeing a cardiologist for many years.

On the worst day of my life I weighed 262 pounds. I woke up feeling sick to my stomach and exhausted. My husband was already up, so I mentioned that I was going back to bed. I felt like I had the flu. I mentioned that I felt some pressure, like a newborn baby was sitting on my chest. My husband insisted that we go to the emergency room.

I resisted. I did not have pain shooting down my arm. I did not have ANY pain. I had slight pressure on my chest and nausea. I had felt sicker in the morning during my pregnancies. But we went off to the ER. It turned out I was having a heart attack, and within an hour I was in an ambulance heading to a major trauma center for an angioplasty and stent placement. I am going into detail here because I want people to know that seemingly simple, minor symptoms can be very significant. My husband’s decisiveness helped save my life. I will always be grateful and cherish him.

Then I went on what I called the “Scared I Was Going to Die Diet”. I lost 20 pounds, but stalled. Before my heart attack, I considered myself a professional dieter. I have a Lifetime Membership in Weight Watchers. Really, I do. I once lost 50 pounds on a doctor supervised liquid diet, and I did well on a low carb diet. But I was never able to keep the weight off.

Fast forward to February 2014. My youngest son became engaged and was planning a June 2015 wedding. I began my “Must Lose 30 Pounds Before the Wedding Diet” (they all had names). I failed completely. On the day of the wedding I still weighed 262. My “before” picture here is from the wedding day. When I came home from that event I was disgusted with myself.

At my lowest emotional point, I remembered my husband talking about his friend “Big Tony”. He came home from his duck club talking about how they can’t call him Big Tony anymore because he had lost over 200 pounds. My husband arranged for me to call and talk to “Big” Tony Perkins. Tony told me about Belldon Colme and his Core Health program. He encouraged me to email Belldon and look at his website. Tony is one of my heroes; I believe he helped save my life that day. He was the spark that gave me hope. Thank you, Tony.

That was the beginning of this journey; the journey that worked. On July 25, 2017, I reached my goal of 165 pounds. I hadn’t seen that weight since my wedding day in 1970. My original, in-my-head goal was 199, and I never thought that would happen! I thank Belldon and I have emailed almost every day. Belldon’s words and mentoring have helped me stay the course and learn to eat healthy through life’s ups and downs.

During my journey, my twin brother became seriously ill, and passed away in September 2016. I made many trips to Las Vegas to help care for him. Belldon taught me how to manage food and emotions through all the stress and sadness, and many weeks of overwhelming emotion.

I bought a travel scale that Belldon recommended and take it whenever I travel. I have learned to use it to make better food decisions on the road. I love to go to our family cabin with our extended family, where eating steak and pizza at the same meal is the norm. We have taken other vacations, too, and with the strategies I have learned from Belldon I have stayed the course.

My major struggle this past year has been my sudden hearing loss, and a diagnosis of Meniere’s Disease. To date I have lost almost 60% of my hearing. I am learning to cope with zero salt and zero caffeine (not even decaf coffee) to help with my hearing. I am learning to lip read and I am grateful for my hearing aids. I am adapting and adjusting. Again, Belldon has been right here to help with my transitions, and to help me maintain balance in my health overall.

I am now down to two heart medications and three for the Meniere’s Disease. My cardiologist does the happy dance when she sees me! During the emotional times for me, Belldon kept me sane and kept me tuned into what I need to do to take care of me. Belldon has been a steady constant, and he saved my life.

I no longer have any interest in processed food. When I go into the supermarket and see aisles of it, I now see what seems like poison to me. I would never have thought I would write that sentence!

I can’t say enough good things about this program. About a year ago, a friend emailed me and asked what I was doing to lose weight. She started with Belldon, too, and has already reached her goal. I hope I was a little spark for her.

I am no longer dieting. Instead, I am eating healthy. The right healthy for me. I am grateful and happy.

Thank you, Belldon

PS: Belldon asked me to write how things are different for me now than before I started. Well, this is easy.... I have confidence. For the first time in my life I feel good enough in my own skin. I feel joy. I am doing art again after putting it away for 30 years. I am learning to knit and lip reading. I quilt. I started and organize a watercolor journaling meetup group that meets once a week to paint outdoors. I am amazed that I have energy to enjoy all my hobbies!

Most important, I can carry my new granddaughter and I am able to take care of her. I can play and have fun with my older grand kids. I have a large backyard garden and when I was 262 pounds I had just about given up on gardening. Now, it brings me much joy to be in the garden almost every day! I can hike at our family cabin and I even rode the zip line! I took a two week vacation on an airplane and enjoyed myself; I hated flying before when I had to ask for a seat belt extension. At my niece's New Orleans themed wedding, I walked and had fun in the second line (parade) from the wedding to the reception, and it was a hot day! I do not think twice about wearing my bathing suit in public. I have always been a swimmer 3 to 4 times a week, but before I was uncomfortable getting in and out of the pool. Now I enjoy swimming.

I could go on and on, but I think this might be enough.

Anne Seacrist
Monte Sereno, California

Tim Revis from Athens, GA- Testimonial

I began working with Belldon the beginning of June with a goal of losing forty to forty-five pounds. I have waged periodic battle with my weight for over twenty years during which time I have had trainers and in-house nutritionists in addition to using self-imposed starvation schemes. All of them eventually yielded results but the results came slowly and they did not last very long. So I began Belldon's program with hope but also with a healthy dose of skepticism.

After having followed the two day Load protocol and shifting onto the Rapid Fat Loss phase on a Sunday, I lost about ten pounds the first week. By the end of June I had gone from 218 into the low to mid 180s. I went on Preservation Phase and my mentor worked to help me coordinate this with some trips I had to make that would involve nothing but dining out in restaurants for about five days. We accomplished this with no weight gain, went back on Rapid Fat Loss and dropped the remaining ten pounds within a week and a half.

I have been on maintenance now for about two months and have had no shifts in weight more than a couple of pounds up or down. My ideal weight has been easy to maintain and my diet is not restrictive – it’s just better organized.

In my opinion, Belldon's program is perfect. In order to succeed, all a potential participant needs to bring to the table is a commitment to follow directions well. The diet during weight loss does not leave you starving because the quantity is more than adequate, and the results are so immediate and regular that it encourages you to continue each day. You learn new, life-long habits that help you sustain the weight loss. I do not anticipate ever having to fight my weight again. For the past two months, my weight has been stable and I largely eat and drink the things I would like but with an eye toward their balanced proportions in relationship to one another. It’s a new way of looking at things and it works!

Tim Revis
Athens, GA