From Heart Attack at 39 to
"Be Disease-FREE” Expert at 60
Meet Belldon Colme

At 39, I had my first heart attack. That was back in 2004. Diagnosed with heart disease and diabetes, I was 105 pounds overweight, battling high blood pressure, cholesterol, and a slew of other issues. I came home from the hospital feeling alone, broken, and utterly hopeless

But I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel. I dove into the health sciences, convinced my body could heal itself if I just understood how to work with it. Spoiler alert: it could. I learned that my body had the power to heal if I gave it what it needed.

Fast forward two years—I lost those 105 pounds, reversed my heart disease and diabetes, and felt more energized than I had since my younger days. I was disease-free, full of energy, and looked amazing! Want the exact food plan that got me there? . It’s my gift to you because everyone deserves to be free of disease and have the tools to achieve it

But then, I faced a new enemy: emotional eating, confusion, overwhelm, and never quite enough motivation to stick with it. I started gaining weight back, feeling lethargic… going downhill fast.

Every lost battle was preceded by a mental clash. You know the one—the angel on one shoulder, devil on the other. Those voices were sabotaging my progress. Sound familiar?

No one talks about these voices, but we all have them. And guess what? They were out of alignment because I was out of alignment. Those voices came from me. If I was in sync, they’d be in sync too.

Maybe you're feeling this in your life—whether it’s your health, career, or relationships. Success isn’t usually that hard once you understand the process, but those psychological roadblocks, especially those inner voices, can be brutal.

With a powerful drive to learn and change, and the help of great mentors, I finally gained control of my health for good. Disease-free since 2006 and still going strong with dynamite health and energy!

Here’s how I did it in 3 steps

Clearing the blocks to learning and implementing.

Aligning my mind (thoughts) and spirit (emotions), getting my voices on the same page.

Aligning my body, regaining complete health with full support from my inner self.

And it didn’t stop at health. This three-step process also brought me more fulfilling relationships and a healthier view of wealth.

Hi, I'm Belldon

In my early adult life, I thought I was living the dream. Great job, awesome kids, cool wife. I was living life on my terms, no doubt. I ate what I wanted when I wanted, did what I wanted (or didn’t). But that so-called perfect life was making me fat, tired, and sick until my body couldn't take it anymore. A heart attack before I was even 40.

The most important lesson that experience taught me was this:

You have to meet life on its terms before you can live it on yours. There are non-negotiables.

Today, I give life what it requires first, and it gives me back so much more than I ever had before. Health, career, partner, grandkids… and the best part is, I enjoy it all with tons of energy, strength, mobility, and stamina. At 60, I'm doing things with my family I couldn’t even dream of doing in my 30s.

Unlock the Ancient Secret to Living Your Best Life

The secret to living your best life—crushing it in health, relationships, and business—is ancient. It's been known since the dawn of civilization, passed down through stories and histories.

The Babylonians, Sumerians, Egyptians, and other ancient badasses thrived in health and prosperity without modern tech or Big Pharma. Their wisdom survives today, like the Ayurvedic traditions from ancient India.

These advanced ancients knew one unshakable truth: You MUST meet life on its terms before life lets you live it on yours. There are non-negotiable rules for your body, mind, and emotions. Follow them, and you get alignment and harmony—leading to health, wealth, and happiness. Ignore them, and you get chaos—leading to disease, struggle, and depression.

Today, we're rediscovering these same rules as the laws of physical science. They're as non-negotiable as ever. Meet life on its terms by following these laws, and life rewards you with health, wealth, and happiness. Ignore them, and you're looking at disease, struggle, and depression.

This spirit guided me—not just in reclaiming my health but in sorting out my entire life. I eliminated the overwhelm and confusion of a misguided mind, broke free from the addictive behaviors of misaligned emotions, and created the driving purpose behind everything I’ve built and experienced.

LIT stands for “Life on Its Terms.” I invite you to join Club LIT today—the club that frees you to be everything you're capable of, cutting through the roadblocks of modern society. Give life what it demands, so it can give you everything you desire. Just follow our mascot, Spark the LIT rabbit, to learn more. Click on him now!

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Meet Your Body on Its Terms

Would you step off the highest rim of the Grand Canyon with no parachute expecting to float? What about on “cheat day”? How about if you only step “a little bit” off the edge?
The physical laws of chemistry that run your body are just as unforgiving as gravity. Follow them, and you can expect strength, energy, and a life free of disease or pain. Ignore them, and you're signing up for fatigue, failing health, and those painful reminders that you haven't met life on its terms.
Belldon's book, “No One Ever Got Fat from Calories”, takes you on an eye-opening, fun journey that cuts through the myths and lies of today’s health scene. Discover your real metabolism, how energy works in your body, the role of fat, and the dark underbelly of food marketing. Learn why you suffer from emotional eating and savage cravings, and get the simple food plan that will get your body back on track to alignment and optimal health.