From Heart Attack at 39 to
"Be Disease-FREE” Expert at 60
Meet Belldon Colme

I was 39 when I had my first heart attack back in 2004. I was diagnosed with heart disease and diabetes, was 105 pounds overweight and suffering high blood pressure, cholesterol, and numerous other maladies. I came home from the hospital feeling alone, broken, and hopeless.

I dove into the health sciences with the firm belief that my body could heal itself, if I could just understand how it works and how I could work with it. I learned that in fact my body could heal, and it wasn’t even hard to do.

What WAS hard were the many psychological blocks that stood in my way: emotional eating, confusion and overwhelm, and never quite enough motivation to stick with the process.

Maybe you are feeling something similar in your life. Maybe your health, maybe your career, maybe your relationships. The actual process of success can be learned and usually isn’t all that hard once you understand it, but the psychological roadblocks are murder.

Fortunately, I had great mentors and a powerful drive to learn and change, and in just two years I had lost those 105 pounds, reversed my heart disease and diabetes, and restored energy in my body to an extent I hadn’t felt since much (much) younger days. I have been disease-free since 2006, and continue in dynamite health to this day.

Hi, I'm Belldon

My early adult life I thought I was living the dream. Great job, awesome kids, cool wife. I was living life on my terms for sure. I ate what I wanted when I wanted, did what I wanted (or didn’t). That perfect life was making me fat, tired, and sick until my body couldn’t take it anymore. A heart attack before I was even 40.

The most important lesson that experience taught me was this:

You have to meet life on its terms, before you can live it on yours. There are non-negotiables.

Today I give life what it requires first, and it gives me back so much more than I ever had before. Health, career, partner, grandkids… and the best part is I enjoy it all with tons of energy, strength, mobility, and stamina. At 60 I am doing things with my family I couldn’t even dream of doing in my 30s.

The secret to living your very best life, in health, relationships, and business, is ancient. It was known by the earliest civilizations and passed down in their histories and stories.

The Babylonians, Sumerians, Ancient Egyptians, and the earliest Chinese were all examples of living long lives in health and prosperity, even in a time without advanced technology and pharmaceutical developments. Elements of their understandings survive to this day, such as the Ayurvedic medical traditions of ancient India.

The advanced ancients knew one thing above all else: You MUST meet life on its terms, before life will allow you to live it on yours.

This meant understanding the laws of the body, the mind, and the spirit, and aligning them in oneself in balance and harmony.

It is this spirit that has guided me, not only in getting my health sorted to achieve what was previously impossible for me, but also in sorting my entire self to eliminate the overwhelm of a misguided mind, get free from the addictive behaviors and emotional eating of a misaligned spirit, and create the driving purpose behind everything I have created and continue to experience.

LIT stands for “Life on Its Terms,” And I invite you to join me and Get LIT today, the club that frees you in every way to be everything you are capable of being, eliminating the roadblocks of today’s modern society. Give life what it demands, so it can give you everything you desire.

Invite me for a speaking engagement. It’s going to be fun!

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