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Undo Type 2: Kick the Diabetes Habit for Good

Most of us know type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease, but few understand exactly what that means, or what to do about it. In his upcoming book, disease reversal expert Belldon Colme exposes exactly how type 2 happens and how it is not only preventable, but reversable. You can live a strong, energetic, disease-free life again.

There is more to undoing type 2 than knowing how to eat, and Belldon takes us on a journey to fully understand the psychology of emotional eating, diet overwhelm, and creating strong enough motivation to win the type 2 fight.

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Dr. Larry Cohen


Based on solid nutrition and solid science. Elevated fitness, weight loss, and increased energy are almost automatic. I have seen not only weight loss but improved health overall both for myself and many of my patients.

Rafael C. Esquenazi MD, FACP, FASN


Belldon Colme’s understanding of metabolic processes is unrivaled. Belldon’s message is where you want to start to truly understand how wellness, weight loss and core health work.

No One Ever Got Fat from Calories: The Real Truth Behind Weight Loss, Your Body, and Wellness

After landing in the ER with a heart attack Belldon Colme, 105 pounds overweight and suffering multiple comorbidities, began a quest to discover the secret of weight loss and total body health.

What he uncovered left him amazed, shocked, and angered.

In No One Ever Got Fat from Calories Belldon takes you on the same journey unlocking how your body truly works, and in the process exposing the biggest lie in health and wellness today, a lie that is making people both fat and sick, the calorie.

Chapters such as “The Beginning of Common Sense,” “ The Secrets of Metabolism,” and “A Tale of Two Fats” reveal an array of unexpected discoveries, including what metabolism is and how it works, where energy really comes from (hint- it isn’t coffee or food), why Big Food keeps calories at the forefront, and exactly what to do to take back control of your weight, your energy, and your health once and for all.

This is not your typical diet book. This is a hard-hitting, provocative information powerhouse for anyone who’s tired of failing diets and wants to become the champion of their own health, body, and vitality.

”A huge eye opener about food and the body uses it.”
-Matt Beaman

”Outstanding and Different take on ‘diets’”
-Nate Z

About the Author

Belldon is a recognized expert in undoing common diseases and health problems, and in guiding lifestyle transformation. A health scientist, transformational coach, motivational speaker, and someone who has lived both sides of chronic disease, he brings a unique blend of scientific knowledge and motivational insights to help individuals take charge of their well-being and overcome the challenges of the modern healthscape.

Belldon began studying the world of cellular biology and biochemistry as they relate to metabolism after struggling with obesity and suffering heart attacks at 39-years-old. Using what he discovered, Belldon lost more than 105 pounds, reversed heart disease and type 2 diabetes in less than 2 years, and has remained strong, fit, and disease-free to this day.

Today Belldon writes and speaks internationally about overcoming emotional eating, creating purpose and motivation to see health goals through, his simple bio-chemistry focused approach and the incredible ways it can change your life. As a writer, speaker and workshop facilitator, you can count on Belldon to transform complicated chemistry concepts into memorable and powerful action steps.