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Hey, you. Yes, you. Tired of feeling stuck, burnt out, and like life's just passing you by? Sick of pretending everything’s okay, wracked with discouragement and depression in:

Health Hell

Depression and anxiety, envy and resentment, overwhelm and even isolation because of self-sabotaging weight and health

Relationship Drama

Heartbreak and sadness, regret and uncertainty, guilt and feeling rejected and worthless because this feels like your fault

Career Grind

Burnout and frustration, anger and resentment, depression, hopelessness and fear in an unfulfilling job with nowhere to go

Can we talk straight for a second? Feeling out of sync with your body, mind, and spirit can hit you hard and compound across every part of your life, dragging you down with waves of discouragement, feelings of low self-worth, and overwhelm. The emotional weight can feel like it's crushing your soul. Welcome to Club LIT, where we flip the script on health, relationships, and career struggles. A vibrant, fulfilling life starts with aligning your body, mind, and spirit. Ready to transform and start living the extraordinary life you deserve?

The Lit Journey

Club LIT isn’t another useless self-help group. We’re a badass community dedicated to clearing mental blocks, opening your mind, and achieving body-mind-spirit harmony. Our mission? To help you break free from the BS and live a life full of health, wealth, and happiness.

Say Hello to Spark,

our LIT rabbit mascot. Spark isn’t just a cute face—he’s the symbol of the energy and inspiration that fuels our community. Spark lights the path to your transformation, guiding you towards harmony and balance. Click on Spark anywhere on this page to enroll in Club LIT and ignite your new life NOW.

How This Works

Step 1: Take Out the Garbage

We start by helping you clear the mental blocks holding you back. Get ready to open your mind and embrace new ideas that’ll change your life.

Step 2: The 4-D System

Our revolutionary 4-D System includes:

  1. a. Kickass Goals: Set badass personal goals that you really want, backed by unstoppable drive and motivation.

  2. b. Bulletproof Motivation: Define the IMPACT of your choices and sync your mind and spirit to crush them.

  3. c. Beliefs that Rock: Forge beliefs that power your goals and dreams, and elevate YOU.

  4. d. Emotional Mastery: Harness your emotions with epic stories and activate them to build the life you've only dreamed of.

Step 3: Achieve Body-Mind-Spirit Harmony

With your mind and spirit in sync, we tackle one of the body’s toughest challenges—taking charge of your health. Say goodbye to overwhelm and emotional eating, and hello to a healthier, happier you.

Member Benefits

  • Holistic Wellness: Crush it in health, wealth, and relationships.

  • Expert Mentorship: Receive personalized guidance and support from experienced mentors who are dedicated to your success.

  • Community Vibes: Connect with fellow rebels on the same journey.

  • Self-Paced Learning: Access audio and video lessons and printable worksheets whenever, wherever.

  • Epic Events: Join us for quarterly seminars, rallies, and meetups to fuel your fire.

  • Badass Mentors: You do your part, we’ll launch you across the finish line!

Your Life’s Ready When You Are…

Ready to break free from the grind and transform your life? Join Club LIT today and start your journey to body-mind-spirit harmony. For just $18 a month, you get access to our game-changing program and a community that’s got your back.

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Stop hiding and pretending everything’s okay. Stop settling for less than you deserve! It’s time to take control and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Join Club LIT now and ignite the spark within you!

Belldon Colme

Founder of
Club LIT

I get it, $18/month sounds like a steal—and it is! But let me be real with you: We're not here to drain your wallet; we're here to transform your life.

We're keeping the price low because we believe everyone deserves the chance to reclaim their health, happiness, and harmony without breaking the bank.

Imagine unlocking a healthier, happier you for less than the cost of a latte a week. That's the power of Club LIT. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Jump in, give it a shot, and see for yourself.

Your life's ready when you are.