Belldon Colme

Belldon Colmeā€™s understanding of metabolic processes is unrivaled. His message is where you want to start to truly understand how your body works.

-Rafael C. Esquenazi,

Belldon is a renowned expert in the field of undoing type 2 diabetes. With a background in health and wellness, he has dedicated his career to helping individuals take control of their health and transform their lives. Belldon is not only an expert in the subject matter but also a dynamic speaker, accomplished author, and captivating personality.


Belldon Colme is a trusted authority on reversing type 2 diabetes, providing individuals with practical insights and actionable strategies to reclaim their health and well-being. His expertise includes:

Undoing Type 2 Diabetes

Belldon has a proven track record of helping countless individuals overcome type 2 diabetes through sustainable diet and mindset changes.


Belldon is a sought-after speaker who delivers engaging, informative, and motivational presentations at conferences, seminars, and events worldwide.

Speaking Engagement

Belldon Colme is available for speaking engagements on a variety of health and wellness topics, with a primary focus on reversing type 2 diabetes. His talks are both educational and inspirational, leaving audiences with the knowledge and motivation to take charge of their health.

Media Personality

Belldon's dynamic and charismatic personality makes him a compelling figure in the media. He is dedicated to sharing his message with a wider audience through stage presentations, television appearances and podcast interviews.


Belldon has authored several books on health and wellness, each offering a unique perspective on combating type 2 diabetes and improving overall health.


Belldon is the author of two industry interrupting books that provide valuable insights and practical guidance for those looking to undo type 2 diabetes and lead healthier lives. His books include:

No One Ever Got Fat from Calories, The Real Truth Behind Weight Loss, Your Body, and Wellness

Undo Type 2, The New Rules of Diabetes

Media Appearances

Belldon Colme is actively seeking opportunities to share his expertise and message through television and podcast appearances. If you are interested in booking him for an interview or collaboration, please get in touch.


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