The 4 Jars Diet


Hello, my name is Belldon Colme. I am a scientist specializing in food as healing, and the creator of The 4 Jars Diet. My journey into the world of health and wellness has been driven by a deep sense of empathy and a passion for helping others, helping you, regain control of your life. I believe in the power of a heart-driven approach to health, and it is this philosophy that has led me to develop The 4 Jars Diet.

The 4 Jars Diet is not just another diet plan; it's a transformative lifestyle that aims to empower you to take charge of your well-being. My mission is clear: I want to see the entire world, including you, break free from the shackles of chronic disease, regain energy, and develop an immune system ready to successfully defeat whatever comes along. As a heart-driven empath, I have witnessed the struggles and challenges faced by those battling the ravages of disease, and it has fueled my determination to make a positive impact.

The essence of The 4 Jars Diet lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. It is not about restrictive eating or complicated meal plans. Instead, it revolves around four fundamental principles, encapsulated in the metaphorical jars that form the core of the program. These jars represent both the pillars of health success; Purpose, Nourishment, Psychological Alignment, and Emotional Wisdom; and the four simple food groupings that, when embraced, can pave the way to lasting health and vitality.

Make no mistake, The 4 Jars Diet is the human diet, it is the way human beings are biologically designed to eat, it is the diet designed to support your body to do what it does best, heal you.

My goal is to share The 4 Jars Diet with the world, to inspire and guide individuals everywhere on their journey to optimal health. I envision a world where people no longer feel controlled by the grip of type 2 diabetes, where they can experience the freedom and joy that comes with a vibrant and well-nourished life.

Please join me on this transformative path. Let's work together to make The 4 Jars Diet a global movement, breaking down barriers to health and paving the way for a future where everyone can embrace a life of well-being, free from the shadows of type 2 diabetes.

Belldon Colme

Founder and President, Nutritional Fitness Inc.

Creator of "The New Rules of Diabetes"

The Four Jars Diet:

A Detailed Overview

Welcome to The 4 Jars Diet, a revolutionary approach to health and wellness that is rooted in the foundational pillars of Purpose, Nourishment, Psychology, and Emotions. This innovative program is designed to guide you toward optimal success by aligning your holistic well-being with a simple yet profound understanding of the chemistry within the human body.

Pillar 1:


Creating purpose is the first step toward achieving any goal. Without strong purpose there can be no priority, and soon the goal is lost to other pursuits.

Purpose is especially important when it comes to your health because we live in a world that is normalizing disease, teaching you that disease is inevitable and to be expected as the years pass by. This rhetoric is false, but to rise above the nonsense and stand against it requires that you have a powerful reason to do so. That reason must be tied to deep reflection into how you want to experience your life at every level. Do you want to experience your life fatigued, in pain, chronically sick? Or do you want to experience your life free from disease, with unlimited energy, and the mobility to do whatever you please without pain or discomfort?

Working through this question at every level, from how you want to experience travel to how you want to experience doing the dishes, will create in you the deep desire to pursue your health as the foundation of success in every endeavor you choose in this life.

Pillar 2:


The second pillar of The 4 Jars Diet delves into the specifics of nourishment, emphasizing a balanced approach to food.

The 4 Jars Diet recognizes that the human body operates on the principles of chemistry. By adhering to the three laws – getting the right things in, keeping the wrong things out, and achieving the correct balance – individuals can promote energetic and complete reactions within their bodies.

The food groups, visualized by four metaphorical jars, are:

  • Dark Leafy Greens (Jar 1): Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, dark leafy greens form the foundation of a nutrient-dense diet. They contribute to overall health, providing antioxidants and supporting vital bodily functions.
  • Fibrous Vegetables (Jar 2): A source of dietary fiber, fibrous vegetables aid digestion, promote a feeling of fullness, and contribute to stable blood sugar levels. They serve as nature’s roto-rooter, keeping your gut clean and effective. These include a variety of vegetables that offer a spectrum of nutrients.
  • Unprocessed Carbohydrates (Jar 3): This category includes fruits, nuts and legumes, whole grains, root vegetables, natural sugars, and dairy. These nutritious carbohydrates provide a wide variety of essential nutrient building blocks, and the necessary catalyst to break down whole proteins efficiently.
  • Unprocessed Proteins (Jar 4): High-quality, unprocessed proteins are vital for muscle health, immune function, and overall cellular repair. Sources include lean meats, fish, eggs, and a few plant alternatives.

The 4 Jars fulfill the first law of chemistry, getting the right things in. Keeping the wrong things out is achieved by commitment to avoiding ultra-processed foods at all costs. These highly refined and often nutritionally void products are packed with harmful additives and can disrupt the delicate chemistry of the body, leading to imbalances and health issues.

A key principle of The 4 Jars Diet is the understanding that human nutrient needs are consistent across individuals. The focus is on recognizing and embracing our shared human characteristics, dialing into the universal human body chemistry that governs your optimal health.

Pillar 3:

Psychological Alignment

Public schools stopped teaching personal nutrition in the 1970s. From that time until now, most nutrition “education” has come from Big Food and Pharma marketing, industry funded bloggers, doctors and nutritionists employed by the industry, and government policy designed for political expediency, not personal health.

That adds up to a lifetime of health misinformation, and no small amount of confusion and diametrically opposed diet advice. Take “plant-based” and keto as a case in point; could there exist more opposite approaches to food and health?

Success in regaining your body’s strength, energy, and vitality, then, must include removing inaccurate beliefs and replacing them with a correct understanding of how your body works, and how to work with it effectively. Think of this as your “mental white board,” erasing what does not serve your body and writing in what does.

This is not as simple as waking up and deciding to believe something new. However, it is not difficult, either. It just requires simple, specific actions taken at the right time.

Pillar 4:

Emotional Wisdom

I have often said that no one ever fails because of the food, people fail because of emotional connections to food. “Comfort foods” and emotional eating stem from powerful cravings conditioned over a lifetime and can seem insurmountable at times. Indeed, this is the number one reason people give up on efforts to improve eating and regain health.

Rewiring your emotional ties to harmful foods, like rewriting psychological beliefs, is not hard. It just requires your simple, directed action implemented at the right time.

IN CONCLUSION, The 4 Jars Diet is not just a diet plan; it is a comprehensive lifestyle approach that addresses the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of health. By aligning with purpose, understanding the chemistry of the body, and embracing a balanced approach to nourishment, individuals can embark on a transformative journey toward optimal well-being and, ultimately, the end of chronic disease and creation of a more robust, resilient, and effective immune system.

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For guidance and support creating purpose, rewriting your mental white board, and rewiring emotional connections to food please contact me to discuss our selection of programs tailored to your specific health needs and goals.